Make Your Christmas Happier with Our Ornaments

Yolochka Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of Christmas ornaments in Russia. It has been long honored and awarded with many positive responses from happy customers all over the world.

Yolochka.Com is a U.S-based distributor, directly affiliated with Yolochka Ltd. We are the largest distributor of ornaments manufactured by Yolochka's factories in the United States.

Ornaments collections offered by Yolochka Ltd. in Russia and all major European countries is now available to our US customers. We appreciate the efforts of our staff and our friends in Russia for making it possible.

We offer beautiful christmas ornaments, all carefully handcrafted from glass and handpainted by Russian artists.
Many styles and shapes are available, both traditional and contemporary.
We are now accepting custom orders and designs for the next year's Christmas. Everyone is welcome!

Our collection of Christmas ornaments exceeds 450 different models.
The finest of our products target the collectors' market. The less expensive ornaments, being the real piece of art, target the consumer market. Those designed more traditionally have the most competitive prices.

Regardless of the price, all ornaments are handcrafted with real love and care from the very heart of Russia.

Our product catalog is available here for your convenience. Most of the traditionally designed models are also included there. You are very welcome to take a look at them.

If you have a special Christmas ornament design of your own, we are here to make the miracle happen.

Bring yourself and your kids the magic world of Christmas!


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